I need a copy of the By-Laws

Each property will have a varied set of By-Laws for their property depending on the make up of the scheme. They may also have special By-Laws that have subsequently been created over time. To request a copy of the By-Laws for a particular property click HERE. These By-Laws will give you all the information on […]

I need a Section 109 Certificate

To request a section 109 certificate prior to purchase please click HERE and our team will contact you to discuss. IMPORTANT NOTE: COSTS The costs for a certificate are statutory costs under the Schedule 1 – Fees of the NSW Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2010. They are: $114.40 and an additional $55 for a further […]

I need to do a Strata Search/Inspection of Records

Before purchasing a strata title property, many prospective purchasers arrange an inspection of the records and accounts of the Owners Corporation by a suitably qualified strata searcher. This is called a Strata Search and is covered under Section 108 of the NSW Strata Schemes Management Act 1996. To request a Strata Search click HERE and […]