There Is No Electricity In My Unit

Check first of all to ascertain that it is not a general power failure in the street. If it is a general failure please call the Energy Australia emergency number (the number is in the emergencies section). If the failure is localised to your unit, check to ensure that the circuit breakers have not tripped […]

There Is No Water In My Unit

Water supply failure can occur for several reasons. For example, Sydney Water might be carrying out works on the street pipes and has temporarily shut off the supply, or a plumber may be working in the building. Check first of all that this is not the case. Other reasons could be failure of a circulation pump […]

There Is No Gas In My Unit

Gas supply seldom fails and the cause is most likely to be a fault with the appliance you are using. Gas appliances within a unit are the unit holders responsibility to repair and maintain. You should therefore call your own gas plumber, or if you are a tenant, call the gas plumber nominated in your Rental Agreement.

The Lift isn’t Working

Call your strata manager to have them contact the lift company, or alternatively the lift maintenance company whose name is generally located on a plate inside the lift car.

The Garage Door is Jamming in the “Up” or “Down” Position

Make sure that your door remote controller is working and that the batteries are not old and flat by checking it against another resident’s controller. If your controller is working and the door still refuses to open or close, then contact your strata manager to have the door inspected.

There is a Burst Water Pipe

If water suddenly starts running out of a wall, ceiling or floor it obviously should not be ignored and you should contact your strata manager immediately as well as take the following steps: If water is coming through the ceiling please check with the upstairs neighbour to ensure that their dishwasher, washing machine or internal hot […]

The Sewer Choke is Jammed

The first sign of a problem will frequently be that, when flushing the toilet, the water backs up to the rim of the bowl and does not drain away. A sewer choke or surcharge is happening when raw sewage starts to overflow from any toilet or floor waste outlet in your bathroom, laundry or kitchen. […]

Water is leaking from the unit above and has caused damage to the ceiling paintwork and to my carpet. Who is responsible for payment of the repairs?

The ceiling is generally considered common property and the Owners Corporation’s responsibility to repair. The lot owner is responsible however for the paintwork and carpet damage, irrespective of cause, except when it is damaged by the Owners Corporation while carrying out work to the common property. (Section 65(6) The Owners Corporation must insure the building […]