Is the balcony door my responsibility to repair and maintain?

Under the terms of The Strata Schemes Freehold Development Act 1973, any wall (including the door and door locks) between a unit and its balcony is part of the relevant lot if the building was registered prior to the 1st of July 1974. Ask your Strata Manager to check the registered strata plan for this […]

The timber ductwork around the sewage pipe in my bathroom is leaking. The sewer pipe comes from the unit above and my toilet connects into it. Do I have to repair the ducting and the pipe as it is within my unit?

The Owners Corporation is responsible for the repair as the ducting encloses structural cubic space. Structural cubic space is automatically common property even though it may exist within the cubic space of your lot, unless the strata plan specifically states otherwise. Structural cubic space means cubic space occupied by a vertical structural member, not being […]

Exclusive Use & Special Privilege By-Laws. What is the difference?

An Owners Corporation may, by special resolution, grant an Exclusive Use or Special Privilege By-Law. An Exclusive Use By-Law gives the lot the right to exclusive use and enjoyment of the whole or any specified part of the common property. ie – The lot is allowed to exclusively use the courtyard. A Special Privilege By-Law […]

What is a Poll Vote?

A poll vote is a vote cast using the value of unit entitlement allocated to each specific lot. This method of vote is used for passing a special resolution or can be called for passing a resolution other than a special resolution when the result of a vote cast by one vote person does not […]

When would a Ballot Vote be called and how is it conducted?

This method of voting is used when the number nominated for the Executive Committee exceeds the number determined at an AGM. The vote is normally cast by one vote per person for their preferred nominations or can be counted by a poll vote if demanded. The steps to conduct the vote are as follows: Firstly […]

What items are the responsibility of the lot owner to repair and maintain?

There are a number of items that are excluded by the Owners Corporation, and are the responsibility of the Lot owner(s) to repair and maintain. These include: Paints, varnishes, stains & similar treatments Carpets & underlay Wallpaper, fabric or similar soft wall and ceiling finishes. Coverings of vinyl, cork or similar material which are not fixed […]

I want to install an air conditioner in my unit. What is the correct procedure?

The first course of action is to inform the Owners Corporation in writing. This should be directed through your Strata Manager and should include as much information as possible, i.e. plans, model, position, installer details, photographs, etc. Upon receipt of your request your Strata Manager can inform you if your building has a standard By-Law […]