What does it mean to be ‘financial’?

To be entitled to vote at a general meeting you must be “financial.” This means that all levies must be paid up till the date of the notice on the agenda. The only exception to this is a unanimous vote – you do not have to be financial to vote on a motion that requires […]

How do I become a member of the Executive Committee?

The following persons are eligible for nomination to the Executive Committee: An individual who is an owner. A company nominee of a corporation that is an owner. A person who is not an owner, but who is nominated by an owner who is not standing for election. Co-owners can only be nominated by an owner […]

What is a special levy and how is one created?

A Special Levy is often raised when there aren’t sufficient funds in either the Administrative Fund or the Sinking Fund to pay for an expense/project that has not been budgeted for. Special levies may also need to be raised when there is a deficit of funds in the Administrative or Sinking fund. If the owners corporation […]

Can I have a pet in my unit? And if so how do I apply?

You should enquire with your Strata Manager if there are any By-Laws in place regarding pets at your building, as some buildings have very specific rules in place and some buildings allow for no pets whatsoever. Should your building operate under By Law 16 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996 (refer Support > Document […]

Can I vote on agenda items at an ECM?

Only Executive Committee members can vote on agenda items at an Executive Committee meeting. The exception would be if an owner or company nominee of an owner has been appointed by another committee member to act in their place at the meeting, this appointment would need to have the consent of the Executive Committee. –A Company Nominee […]

How do I fill out a proxy form?

Proxy forms for a range of meetings and scheme types are available to download from the Jamesons Document Bank. For informatin on how to fill out your proxy form, please see the below: The following are fields on your proxy form that are mandatory and must be filled correctly for the proxy to be valid: “Date”: Refers […]