More changes to the Home Building Act

The changes to the home building act originally scheduled for 1 December 2014 have been officially scheduled for release in two stages in 2015. 15 January will be the first round of changes coming into effect that will deal with statutory warranties and the altering of the term “structural defect” to a warranty for a […]

Is the time up for TPG in the Strata Sector?

Our General Manager Michael Vumbaca was quoted in the Financial Review recently after being asked to provide an opinion on behalf of the Strata Management sector with regard to this evolving and confusing issue. To access the Financial Review article click here and for our most recent thoughts on this matter, here is a recent article. […]

An update on the highly anticipated invoice approval and document management system

Due to some interface upgrades the roll out of our much anticipated invoice approval system and document management system has been slightly delayed. Originally scheduled for release in December we anticipate that within a month, the issues will be resolved and we will “go live” shortly after. Here are the top 3 best features of […]