The Role of a Strata Manager vs Property Manager

Strata manager and property manager: they’re the same thing, right? Not so much. Although they’re both useful within the real estate industry, a strata manager and a property manager actually hold two very different roles. Let’s take a look at the responsibilities and services of a property manager versus a strata manager. Property managers provide […]

What Is Strata, and What Does a Strata Property Entail?

Brand new to the world of strata? Then this information is for you. Whether you’re considering buying an apartment that is part of a strata scheme or are just curious about the term, here are all the need-to-know details about living in strata.   What is a strata property? Let’s define strata first. A strata […]

Strata Repairs & Maintenance: Who’s Responsible?

If you’re living in strata, it’s important to know exactly what you and your strata scheme are each responsible for when it comes to maintenance in your unit. So what does strata cover? We’ve put together a handy guide to help you find out. Keep in mind that the best person to ask is always […]