My Balcony Is Leaking! What’s The Cause & Who’s Responsible?

While balconies are a highly popular feature in apartment buildings, they can sometimes cause major headaches rather than being places of relaxation and enjoyment. This is because they are the most common sites for water leakages on a property. In a worst-case scenario, this leakage can cause the balcony to become unsafe, which is the […]

Apartments & Fire Doors: What Are The Regulations?

Whether at a hotel, at work, or someplace else entirely, we’ve all had to deal with fire doors at certain points. These large, heavy doors are designed to prevent the spread of fire in a building and, used correctly, can be very effective at doing so. But how, exactly, do fire doors work, and what […]

The capital works fund and levies – What are they?

To understand what the capital works fund (also known as a sinking fund) is, it’s important to first clarify what types of strata levies can be issued: Administrative fund levies cover the day-to-day expenses incurred in a strata living arrangement. Depending on the facilities in your strata, these can include such costs as cleaning, gardening, […]