Section 80D – Owners Corporations authorising Legal Action

On 19 July 2013, Justice Pembroke of the Supreme Court of NSW delivered a judgment in the case of The Owners – Strata Plan No. 70798 v Bakkante Constructions Pty Limited [2013] NSWSC 848.  The case concerns an Owners Corporation’s obligation to properly authorise the commencement of legal proceedings in accordance with Section 80D of […]

Get To Know Your Energy Bill – Written by Energy Action

Energy bills are often complex. In most cases, without a solid background in energy, it can be difficult to understand what you are actually being charged for when you pay your bill. What makes up energy charges on a bill? An energy bill is made up of several different charges. Energy itself makes up just […]

Trees, Bushes & Hedges: Who’s Responsible on a Strata Property?

Sick of leaves, nuts or fruit falling on your roof?Worried about a large or dangerous tree hanging over your property?Perhaps you’re simply wanting to trim a hedge back on a fence line, but are wondering if you’re allowed to. Trees, bushes and hedges sure can cause some uncertainty when you’re living in a NSW strata […]