What are the Expectations for Common Area Maintenance in Strata?

Most property needs maintenance as time goes on, whether we’re talking about foyers, hallways, staircases, elevators, roofs or swimming pools. Within a strata property, maintenance for common areas is covered by the owners corporation and paid for through strata levies. Good maintenance makes a strata property a far nicer place to live, and it also […]

How Much Notice Do You Need To Give For Impending Renovations?

There are many reasons why you might choose to renovate your strata property. In order for you to be compliant with strata laws and to ensure that your renovation runs smoothly, you will have to follow a few guidelines on who to inform of your upcoming works. Which building works require permission? Depending on the […]

Our Guide To Property Repairs – What Are You Responsible For Maintaining?

Generally speaking, the owner of a property is responsible for all maintenance and repairs within their lot and whatever isn’t common property. What is and isn’t common property should is clearly articulated in the Strata Schemes Management Act and Regulations and within your schemes specific By-Laws. However, if there is ever any uncertainty whether something […]

Our Guide To Property Repairs – What Your Strata Manager Is Required To Fix

Having a strata manager can make your life much easier – but what do they do? A strata manager can function as a first point of contact for repairs and as an advisor for the owners corporation for choosing qualified tradespeople. While a strata manager can facilitate and suggest tradespeople for repairs, and sometimes has […]

Who Pays for Maintenance in my NSW Strata Apartment?

If you’re living in a strata building, it’s important to know who’s responsible for the maintenance costs in and around your apartment or lot. Here’s a quick rundown of which costs are paid by the owners corporation and which costs are paid by the owner. Keep in mind, though, that strata schemes can vary from […]

How to Get a Section 184 Certificate (Previously ‘Section 109 Certificate’)

If you’re thinking of buying into a strata complex, there are a few things you need to know first. One of them is how to get a Section 184 Certificate – that mysterious document giving vital information about the health of the building’s owners corporation. Let’s take a look at what a strata complex is, what […]

Strata Plumbing: Who Is Responsible?

While administration of strata units is generally covered by the owners’ corporation, things can get tricky when breakdowns and accidents occur. Plumbing issues have to be top of the list when it comes to curly questions: Who is responsible for blocked drains? Water seeping up through tiles? Leaks that cause damage to other units? The […]

Is Your Property Ready to Attract the Right Tenants?

There’s plenty of competition from other landlords when it comes to renting out your apartment. So it’s important to consider which extra features will make your property stand out from the crowd. Modern tenants have increasingly higher expectations of the apartments they choose to rent. What, then, can make a property more appealing to prospective […]

New Strata Laws Could Affect Smoking on Balconies

Living in a strata scheme comes with its own set of challenges, and rules to follow. Each strata scheme will have its own by-laws which are designed to regulate the behaviour and conduct of dwelling occupiers and visitors. Owners’ corporations have access to model laws which act as a reference to use when setting or […]

Benefits of Setting Up Community Gardens in Strata Complexes

  Starting up a community garden in a strata complex is not only good for residents’ health because of the access to fresh food and green spaces, but it also encourages social interaction and the building of community. All too often, people in apartments or units can become isolated and lonely in their own spaces, and […]