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31 January 2019
How Much Notice Do You Need To…

There are many reasons why you might choose to renovate your strata property. In order for you to be compliant with strata laws and to […]

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18 January 2019
Our Guide To Property Repairs - What…

Generally speaking, the owner of a property is responsible for all maintenance and repairs within their lot and whatever isn’t common property. What is and […]

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7 January 2019
Our Guide To Property Repairs - What…

Having a strata manager can make your life much easier – but what do they do? A strata manager can function as a first point […]

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24 December 2018
Your Guide To Strata Levies

Every strata scheme has certain fees and levies that all owners have to pay. These are set at the Annual General Meeting and agreed upon […]

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10 December 2018
Where Does Your Money Go When You…

One big reason to decide on strata living when you’re investing in a new property is sharing the costs for maintenance and updates of the […]

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3 December 2018
Managing Noise Levels In Your Building -…

Strata living has many upsides, including shared costs, a lot of ways you can engage in decision-making processes and, ideally, a friendly community that you […]

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31 October 2018
Three Benefits of Being A Member Of…

Also known as an executive committee, a strata committee is responsible for the daily operation of your strata scheme. In New South Wales, there can […]

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24 October 2018
The Key To Making A Property Successful

Strata developments come with a lot of moving parts, making it very hard to keep track of all the different issues to keep on top […]

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10 October 2018
What To Look For In A Good…

Naturally, some needs and expectations a property owner has of their strata manager can be negotiated on an individual basis. There are some basic attributes, […]

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30 September 2018
Can an Owners Corporation be Sued?

One of the great advantages of being an owner in a strata scheme is the fact that owners aren’t personally responsible for what happens in […]

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