29 September 2020
What Should We Do if a Strata…

One of the key questions we’ve been fielding about COVID-19 and strata properties in Sydney is what to do if a resident, or multiple residents, […]

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6 August 2020
Who's Responsible to Fix Unauthorised Works in…

Your owners corporation is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all common property within your strata scheme; this can include everything from plumbing within […]

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31 July 2020
The Steps for Strata Dispute Resolution in…

Strata schemes are structured carefully to ensure an enjoyable lifestyle within the strata community, but what happens when two or more parties disagree on an issue? […]

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24 July 2020
How is a 2 Unit Strata Scheme…

A lot of the information we share about strata management is focused on medium or large strata schemes, but what about a duplex or 2 unit strata scheme?  […]

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17 July 2020
How Does a Collective Sale Work in…

In August of 2019 we saw the first-ever judgement by the NSW Land and Environment Court approving a collective sale of a strata property; a […]

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10 July 2020
Trees, Bushes & Hedges: Who's Responsible on…

Sick of leaves, nuts or fruit falling on your roof?Worried about a large or dangerous tree hanging over your property?Perhaps you’re simply wanting to trim […]

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3 July 2020
The State of Strata Living in Sydney:…

With around 80% of the City of Sydney’s population calling apartments home, most of us are living in a strata community in 2020 – and […]

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12 June 2020
Coronavirus Questions: How Can By-Laws Affect the…

Since COVID-19 spread across the world, there’s been one word used often to sum up the situation: unprecedented. It’s therefore not surprising that typical by-laws […]

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5 June 2020
What if an Owners Corporation Can't Meet…

COVID-19 has thrown up some unique situations, and with many people out of a job or underemployed there may well be strata owners corporations that […]

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16 May 2020
Pools, Gyms and Facilities: Should Common Property…

Your strata scheme in NSW may be lucky enough to have a shared pool, gym, tennis courts, office spaces, meeting rooms or other facilities. You […]

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