Roof Leak Repairs in Strata: Who’s Responsible and Who Pays?

You’re going about your day when you suddenly spot signs of water damage on your walls or ceiling. What happens next – and who’s responsible when it comes to a strata property in NSW? It could be from a neighbour’s bath overflowing, or a burst pipe within the walls. However if the leak occurs or worsens […]

What Do Strata Management Fees and Charges Cover?

Strata management fees may feel like just another cost to strata owners. But what exactly is covered in this cost? While the specifics vary between specific strata management services, strata management fees in NSW can deliver great value for your owner’s corporation. Here’s how. With the right strata manager, the day-to-day details are managed for […]

How Good Management Minimises Unexpected Repairs & Special Strata Levies

Effective management is the cornerstone of a successful strata scheme. This is because by its very nature, strata living is all about using shared resources to create a great place to live. A bad strata manager might neglect their obligations, leading to expensive and urgent repairs that put financial strain on the owners within the […]

What Should We Do if a Strata Resident Tests Positive to COVID-19?

One of the key questions we’ve been fielding about COVID-19 and strata properties in Sydney is what to do if a resident, or multiple residents, has tested positive to the virus. Naturally, it will be important to take the right steps to protect everyone involved, from the resident themselves, to neighbours and the surrounding community. […]

Who’s Responsible to Fix Unauthorised Works in a Strata Property?

Your owners corporation is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all common property within your strata scheme; this can include everything from plumbing within the walls, to exterior paint and roofing surfaces. But the lines can be blurred when it comes to fixing renovations, alterations or additions that an owner has made to common […]

The Steps for Strata Dispute Resolution in NSW

Strata schemes are structured carefully to ensure an enjoyable lifestyle within the strata community, but what happens when two or more parties disagree on an issue? Whether it’s nuisance smoke, someone hogging the visitors’ parking bay, a barking dog or a noisy neighbour, it might be time to do something about the matter. The first step is […]

How is a 2 Unit Strata Scheme Managed?

A lot of the information we share about strata management is focused on medium or large strata schemes, but what about a duplex or 2 unit strata scheme?  How do you reach a majority vote when there are just two owners involved?   And how do you navigate important decisions about common property?   Let’s look at how these matters are handled.  The main differences in managing […]

How Does a Collective Sale Work in a Large Strata Property?

In August of 2019 we saw the first-ever judgement by the NSW Land and Environment Court approving a collective sale of a strata property; a mixed residential and commercial property at 252 Sussex Street, Sydney. This attracted some attention, because it’s the first time that the new collective sale or renewal process has been implemented […]

Trees, Bushes & Hedges: Who’s Responsible on a Strata Property?

Sick of leaves, nuts or fruit falling on your roof?Worried about a large or dangerous tree hanging over your property?Perhaps you’re simply wanting to trim a hedge back on a fence line, but are wondering if you’re allowed to. Trees, bushes and hedges sure can cause some uncertainty when you’re living in a NSW strata […]