Outlining New COVID-19 Guidance for NSW Strata Schemes

23 November 2020

The only constant in life is change – and have we seen plenty of change in 2020! The guidelines around COVID-19 are updated on an ongoing basis depending on official public health advice, so we thought it might be time to provide an update on Fair Trading NSW’s latest strata and community schemes COVID-19 guidance. Here are some of the key areas you need to know about.

Socialising & common facilities 

Socialising and use of strata facilities largely depends on the current public health advice, but the latest update is that shared facilities can be open as long as physical distancing and hygiene requirements are met. At the time of writing, there’s a limit of one person per four square metres for shared facilities in New South Wales. 


It’s important to check the NSW rules around gatherings before planning any kind of get-together. At the time of writing there is currently a limit of 20 visitors in a private household gathering. A personal trainer can visit your home as long as physical distancing rules are followed. Of course, if you have any symptoms of being unwell it’s important that you don’t visit someone else at home and self-isolate instead.

Short term stays 

There were some important legislation changes around short term stays on 10 April 2020. Owners corporations can now adopt by-laws to ban short-term rentals in a strata lot providing that the lot is not the host’s principal place of residence. You can still rent out your room while you are there, or rent your property out while you’re away temporarily. A Code of Conduct for short-term rentals will also apply from 18 December 2020, which will outline new requirements of booking platforms, letting agents, hosts and guests. 

Repairs, maintenance, fire and rental inspections 

Essential repairs and inspections can be carried out with the appropriate hygiene and cleaning procedures in place. It’s also important to stay across noise restrictions and consider other neighbours if you’re renovating within your strata unit. You can read our recent article for more detailed information on this topic.

Levies and contributions 

Strata owners are still required to pay their regular strata levies, but insolvency laws have changed and there is now a higher threshold for owners corporations to be able to issue a bankruptcy notice for unpaid amounts. Read our recent article for more detailed information on this topic.

Here at Jamesons Strata Management we’re doing all we can to keep you informed and updated on the latest strata COVID-19 guidance. We’re here to help you and your strata scheme navigate through these unusual and ever-changing times with expert services and accurate advice. If you’re looking to engage one of our capable strata managers, making the change to Jamesons is easier than you might think.