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Jamesons is a family run business and has been providing a range of strata management services to Sydney residents for over 50 years. The majority of our team has been with us for over 10 years allowing us to provide our clients with the highest quality service. We specialize in residential, mixed use, commercial, industrial and retirement

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"We've always known that our Jamesons customers are some of the happiest strata customers around, but recently we discovered we are officially home to Sydney's most satisfied strata customers. This is due to our breadth of knowledge, decades of expertise and also being home to Sydney's most responsive Strata Managers. Feedback from the research conducted is evidence enough"


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Methods to Resolve Strata By-Law Breaches
21 July 2017
Strata living on the whole is a harmonious and enjoyable experience, largely thanks to the individual by-laws that define a strata scheme’s rules. Occasionally these by-laws may be breached by other owners or occupants in the strata scheme. Fortunately, there…
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The Factors That Can Affect Your Strata Fees
14 July 2017
Strata living has great appeal because the costs of common property repairs, services and maintenance are shared through your strata fees. But what are those fees based on? Whether you are looking to purchase a home within a strata property…
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The Role of a Strata Manager vs Property Manager
27 June 2017
Strata manager and property manager: they’re the same thing, right? Not so much. Although they’re both useful within the real estate industry, a strata manager and a property manager actually hold two very different roles. Let’s take a look at…
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