Strata Management Reviews Sydney


— Doug Sullivan —

“Is from Huon Park Retirement Village has been a client of Jamesons for 14 years.  Watch the video below to hear what he has to say about his relationship with us.”

— Nick Wiley —

“Chairman of the Body Corporate at Oxford Towers, has been working with us since 1999 and has gladly witnessd our transformation from a modest, family run business into a system based, best-practice company (that is still family run!)”

— Catherine Lezer —

“Chairperson of the committee at the award winning Botany Cope, really values the feeling of having her building being looked after by a whole team of people and the efficiency of our team members in answering queries and providing advice.”

— Sue – SP 6020 (July 2016) —

“Bill is 100% reliable and always responsive.  We can also rely on him as the voice of reason.”

— Simon W – SP 30686 (June 2016) —

“John X has displayed incredible patience and wonderful management skills particularly at somewhat heated committee and general meetings.”

— Halina Zawadzki – SP 10643 (May 2016) —

“Strata plan 10643 has changed dramatically since Jamesons and Paul Culbi took on management. Matters ranging from complex project management related to refurbishment, to day to day small scale repairs and land use have been handled with great professionalism. The building has been transformed. Thank you!”

— Catherine Percy – SP 35379 (August 2015) —

“Altogether very satisfied with our Strata Manager – prompt with answers to queries, attends to all matters expeditiously and is generally excellent to deal with.”

— Tracy Walker – SP 31211 (Feb 2015) —

“Have always found the strata managers at Jamesons to be very efficient and very capable.”