We always recommend meeting with your potential new strata management company first to better understand the services on offer. Once that’s done, the new strata management company will be able to get the below steps underway for you. Simple as that!

Step 1: Discover why our clients are so happy

If you are interested in learning more about Jamesons, please fill in this form and Philip Kooper (our strata expert) will be in contact and provide you with a proposal.

A little about Philip: 

Philip Kooper is the founder of Kooper & Levi Strata Management, a boutique strata agency in Sydney’s Rose Bay which joined the CNG Property Group in 2018.

Having worked at the coal face of strata management for over 18 years, one of Philip’s main skill sets include fully understanding an issue, how it impacts each stakeholder and how best to mediate a solution to provide the most workable outcome for all involved.

Philip’s extensive knowledge and pragmatic experience within the Strata Management industry allows him to provide prospective clients with complete guidance and support in how they should navigate the process of change.

Step 2: Review our proposal and decide.

If you have any questions while reviewing our proposal, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Philip directly or to our friendly team. Once you have made the decision to join us your work is complete…

Step 3: Let us do the work

From this moment onwards, we will do all the heavy lifting and seamlessly guiding through the rest of the process. We promise it will be simple and seamless.

What our clients say about switching to Jamesons

“I am writing to you in praise of Philip Kooper. Philip has been unconditionally helpful and instrumental… He has guided the Committee through multiple complex processes, at each juncture setting out a clear roadmap to follow. The Committee members and I have experienced high degrees of stress and anxiety due to the incumbent manager being purposely divisive, unhelpful on many matters particularly when it comes to guidance on the Strata Act and also throwing veiled threats towards the committee members. Each time Philip has listened to the experience we were having and calmly navigated us through. His time, patience, expertise and responsiveness is commendable. On behalf of both Scheme Committees, I wanted to thank Philip by sharing our experiences with you. Philip is an asset to your company and brand image.”

Denise SP SP94983

“I have found the transition from our previous strata managers to Jamesons to be seamless. Nothing has fallen through the cracks. 10/10 for handover and on-boarding.”

Lena SP 88022

“Very happy with the on-boarding from (our last strata company) to Jamesons, this being the response, attention Jamesons have given the SC during the transfer time. The response from (our last strata company) to Jamesons has been slow, as expected, but Jamesons have done their best to have the transfer completed as soon as possible. Also, happy with the processes i.e.; SMATA and the owner portal, offered by Jamesons thus far.”

Steele SP 62842