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About Us

Having opened its doors in 1963, Jamesons has been in the hands of the Vumbaca family since 1973 when our owner George Vumbaca commenced in the business. Our current General Manager Michael Vumbaca commenced with the company 9 years ago. As is the practice in intergenerational businesses, Michael was made to start working in the mailroom and on reception to give him a sense of the business from all aspects. Michael has gone on to work in virtually every part of the company including managing a portfolio of buildings for the last 6 years (some of which he still manages) before finding himself in the role of General Manager in 2015.

Michael operates under the same motus operandi that his father George and the businesses founder Jim Jameson operated under – that being ‘do everything as you say you are going to do’. This simple motto was engrained from a young age and is a key element to the leadership style and success of the business.

We have a great team that operates across all aspects of Strata Management and we are incredibly proud of them all.

Here are some facts about the team, we think they speak for themselves:

  • Our Senior Strata Managers all have over 10 years experience with the company (some with over 20 years!)
  • Our accounts team all have over 15 years experience
  • Our Admin team – Most of the team have over 10 years experience.
  • Collectively we think we are the most experienced Strata Company in the country!

For more information on our people and how they can make a difference to your property, call our Growth Manager to discover more. (02) 8969 3300