4 Key Signs Your Strata Manager Could be Old-Fashioned (and Making Life Harder)


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A modern approach to strata management can make life far easier and smoother for strata owners. So how do you know if your current strata manager is falling behind the times? If you spot any of these four signs, consider what moving to a more innovative strata manager could do for your lifestyle in strata.

The old fashioned way: Relying on paper forms and processes.

Life is easier with: Forms you can easily find online, wherever and whenever it suits.

Whether we’re talking about proxy nomination forms or pet applications, it should be simple to find the forms and documentation you need at any point in time. Our forms and documents couldn’t be easier to find on our website, and you can email or send forms in the way that suits you. 

The old-fashioned way: Only hearing about the strata scheme’s finances at the AGM.

Life is easier with: The ability to view financial details for your strata scheme at any time.

We’re all about transparency, and any quality strata manager will be too. If you can’t log in at any time and take a look at where your hard-earned strata levies are being spent, it may be time to look for a new, more connected online strata manager.

Responsive Strata Management Services for Hassle-Free Living!

The old-fashioned way: Having to simply assume that your levies have been received.

Life is easier with: The ability to view payment status for your levies 24/7.

It should be very simple to log into the online strata management portal and view your paid levies to date, as well as any levies still to pay. Clarity benefits everyone, so if your strata management agent doesn’t offer this type of portal it might be worth considering a provider who does! 

The old-fashioned way: Only hearing from your strata manager if something is wrong.

Life is easier with: Strata managers who are proactive and passionate about making your life better.

You shouldn’t just be hearing from your strata manager once in a blue moon when your levies are due. Here at Jamesons we’ll put up new blog and social posts every time there’s something you should know. In fact, if you search for a common query about living in NSW strata, chances are we’ve written about it. Of course, you can also easily reach a human on the other end of the phone too, and we use strata management software online to ensure any maintenance issues are tended to efficiently. Modern strata managers are easy to reach and motivated to help.

We’d love the chance to show you and the other owners in your scheme just how driven we are to delivering a great strata management experience. Contact us today, or read more about the body corporate services we provide.

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