The Best Pets for Keeping in a Strata Property

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Many might love the idea of having a Basset Hound as a pet, but neighbours in the apartment over might not be so enamoured if that pooch starts to howl during work hours every day. The truth is that some animals are simply better suited to apartment living. If your strata scheme by-laws allow for the keeping of pets, here are some great pet choices that are quiet and easy to care for.


Cats suit apartments relatively well because they’re fairly independent and can thrive in an indoors-only environment, as long as they’re provided with enough physical room and mental stimulation. Toys, games and plenty of attention can help to provide entertainment for an indoor cat, as can climbing equipment that tends to take up only a small amount of floor space in an apartment.


Fish can make ideal apartment companions because they’re silent, low maintenance and utterly mesmerising. They’re also relatively cheap pets to care for, although costs can obviously rise with more exotic tropical varieties that require specific equipment. Whether you choose a common goldfish or something vividly colourful, the good news is that pet fish also have a calming effect and have been known to lower blood pressure for those who watch them.


Sure – snakes and lizards aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if they do appeal they can make fascinating pets and can be easily contained in a small enclosure within the apartment. Turtles, blue-tongue lizards, pythons and bearded dragons are all popular for first-time reptile owners. Be sure to check licensing requirements as Australians will need a reptile license to keep one as a pet, and remember that some reptiles can live up to 20 or 30 years – so it may not be a short-term commitment!


Birds can make wonderful small-space pets if you steer away from the noisier of bird varieties, and their individual personalities can make them a lot of fun to have around. Canaries, budgies, cockatiels, finches and parrotlets are all smaller options that are less likely to screech. Birds are social animals, so be sure to do your research and consider bringing home two at the same time so they can keep one another company.


It might sound odd, but a stick insect, praying mantis, tarantula or huntsman could just be your new best friend. Insects are remarkable to watch and interact with, and they’re also a quiet and clean pet to boot. Kids will often love tending ant farms or learning about the life cycle of a scarab beetle, and a terrarium won’t take up too much valuable space in your apartment either.

Remember to always gain approval from your owners corporation before choosing your new pet and be aware of any relevant by-laws that you need to abide by, such as noise restrictions and cleaning up mess on common property. If you’re considerate in regards to these common rules, then people and pets can very happily co-habit in a strata property.

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