What Can Be Done To Retrieve Unpaid Strata Levies?


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In our video series Michael Vumbaca, General Manager at Jamesons Strata discusses what can be done to retrieve unpaid strata levies.

Levy arrears will now require a compulsory motion to be placed on the AGM agenda each year that demonstrates how your strata plan intends to pursue people that are not paying their levies. This could result in legal action for owners who don’t pay their levies.

The general policy at Jamesons is a three-step procedure for recovering unpaid levies:

Step 1: Reminder at 30 days.

Step 2: A final notice after 60 days.

Step 3: If levies are still not paid after 90 days and in excess of $500, the strata committee, via the strata manager, can commence legal action against you.

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It’s extremely important if you’re unable to pay your levies that you communicate with your strata manager as a priority. There’s also the option for you to go on a payment plan if you can’t meet your levy requirements. This option needs to be agreed in writing by the strata committee and yourself prior to commencing.

Jamesons are a family run business that have provided Sydney residents with strata management services for over 50 years. If you would like more information regarding strata management, please contact Jamesons Strata Management on (02) 8969 3400.

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