Can I Renovate My Kitchen Under the New Strata Laws?

When it comes to kitchen renovations, living in a strata unit or apartment can be complicated. In some strata complexes, the body corporate will charge a levy or bond for renovations which are performed in private units. Depending on the scope of works and the agreement in place, you may need written approval from the […]

Benefits of Setting Up Community Gardens in Strata Complexes

  Starting up a community garden in a strata complex is not only good for residents’ health because of the access to fresh food and green spaces, but it also encourages social interaction and the building of community. All too often, people in apartments or units can become isolated and lonely in their own spaces, and […]

The Jamesons quick guide to the NBN & Pipe Networks

What is this NBN thing all about, and is it worth worrying about? Here are some quick facts for you to be aware of if your building has been approached by an internet supplier. What is the NBN? The NBN essentially is fast internet connectivity. It is connected via a means called (FTTP) or fibre […]

I need a copy of the By-Laws

Each property will have a varied set of By-Laws for their property depending on the make up of the scheme. They may also have special By-Laws that have subsequently been created over time. To request a copy of the By-Laws for a particular property click HERE. These By-Laws will give you all the information on […]

I need a Section 109 Certificate:

To request a section 109 certificate prior to purchase please click HERE and our team will contact you to discuss. IMPORTANT NOTE: COSTS The costs for a certificate are statutory costs under the Schedule 1 – Fees of the NSW Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2010. They are: $114.40 and an additional $55 for a further […]

I need to do a Strata Search/Inspection of Records

Before purchasing a strata title property, many prospective purchasers arrange an inspection of the records and accounts of the Owners Corporation by a suitably qualified strata searcher. This is called a Strata Search and is covered under Section 108 of the NSW Strata Schemes Management Act 1996. To request a Strata Search click HERE and […]