Your Guide to Understanding the Rental Bond Scheme

It’s one of the most frustrating parts about moving from one rental property to another – organising the bond for a new place when you haven’t even received the bond for the old place back yet. With rental prices in Sydney continuing to rise, the bond and rent in advance can often end up being […]

Understanding Concrete Cancer And Your Options

All types of walls can have cracks in them and, often, they are a mere aesthetic problem rather than a danger to the structural integrity of a building. However, in the case of concrete spalling – the visible cracks caused by concrete cancer – there’s more on the line than just looks. Today, we’ll equip […]

Cladding – What Is It And What Are The Regulations Behind It?

In June 2017, a fridge caught on fire in the Grenfell Tower, a 24-storey residential tower block in London, England. Though firefighters were soon on the scene, the fire breached the original apartment’s window. Due in part to the combustible cladding that covered the façade of the tower, the fire quickly spread up the building […]

Your Guide To The Amended NSW Plumbing & Drainage Laws

As a strata committee member, one of your tasks is to stay on top of new legislation and regulations to make sure that your strata scheme complies with them. Sometimes, however, new legislation might slip under your radar – that’s why we’re here to talk about the amendments made to the Plumbing and Drainage Act […]

Strata Laws And Air Conditioning Installation – What You Need To Know

If you don’t already have air conditioning in your strata scheme, chances are that you’re at least considering it. The permissions you will need for installation, and who is responsible for installation, depend on two primary factors: what type of air conditioning system you wish to install, and where you want to install it.   […]

Why Strata Inspection Reports Matter When Buying a Property

A strata scheme can only be successful if the property itself is safe and comfortable to live in, and the easiest way to ensure that this is the case is to arrange for a strata inspection before purchase. Most commonly, you need a strata report when you’re about to buy into a strata scheme. Let’s […]

What Will Happen if I Don’t Pay My Strata Levies?

Strata levies can often be a hidden sting for new owners, an unexpected second hangover after the elation of finally becoming an owner (the first being, of course, stamp duty).  Strata levies are frequently a forgotten household cost and, frequently, one that can go unpaid when funds are tight.   Are strata levies important? Yes.  […]

Why Strata Living Can Be Ideal for Retirement

Retirement should be a time for relaxation and enjoyment but, quite often, the ongoing effort of maintaining the spaces we used to need outweighs the joy we get out of them. This doesn’t need to be the case.   Raising a family takes up a surprising amount of space. Young families need room to move, […]

What to Consider Before Selling Your Strata Property

Selling any property can be a daunting and complex process, and selling property in a strata scheme can be quite different from selling regular freehold. In this article, we consider some of the quirks and nuances involved in getting your strata property onto the market.   Whether it’s a family home or simply an investment, […]

What You Should Know About Broadband And NBN In Your Strata Property

The Australian National Broadband Network (NBN) is being rolled out, promising to finally get Australia on par with other developed countries when it comes to internet speed. Many are curious what this means for strata schemes – how are strata properties connected to the NBN, what are the alternatives and what alternatives do owners have […]