Is Your Property Ready to Attract the Right Tenants?

There’s plenty of competition from other landlords when it comes to renting out your apartment. So it’s important to consider which extra features will make your property stand out from the crowd. Modern tenants have increasingly higher expectations of the apartments they choose to rent. What, then, can make a property more appealing to prospective […]

Get To Know Your Energy Bill – Written by Energy Action

Energy bills are often complex. In most cases, without a solid background in energy, it can be difficult to understand what you are actually being charged for when you pay your bill. What makes up energy charges on a bill? An energy bill is made up of several different charges. Energy itself makes up just […]

Saving energy through lighting management in commercial buildings

With the continued rise in energy costs impacting commercial buildings across Australia, investing in energy efficiency makes more sense than ever. Energy efficient lighting is an obvious starting point for offices looking to reduce energy consumption and demand across their business. Energy can be a significant and controllable cost for an office, particularly when energy […]

Join the last minute stampede or shop smart for your next contract?

Ever left Christmas shopping until the last minute – what happens? As consumers edge closer to Christmas Eve their purchase options become extremely limited and the chance of securing a bargain is equally as limited. As a consumer you have got no time to decide, you have to take what’s left regardless of whether it’s […]