An update on the highly anticipated invoice approval and document management system


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Due to some interface upgrades the roll out of our much anticipated invoice approval system and document management system has been slightly delayed.

Originally scheduled for release in December we anticipate that within a month, the issues will be resolved and we will “go live” shortly after.

Here are the top 3 best features of the new industry leading system:

  1. Invoices will be approved via a secure, easy to use, and free online link.
  2. We will be paying via direct entry – Probably the biggest win here, this means no more delays in making payments, no more cheques at all, there will be savings for you on paper and postage and for the treasurers – you don’t have to worry about finding the cheques and cover sheets hidden in amongst all of your other mail or finding a post box to send them back to us each week.
  3. Notices and minutes of all of your meetings will be available on our web portal, 24 hours a day at your own time. This works in conjunction with the existing web portal that you have free access to already.

We are really excited for this to roll out and hope you are too. As soon as we have a confirmed date we will be letting you all know.

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