Greening up your Mosman Strata is Now Easier Than Ever

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Traditionally, there’s been little incentive and a great deal of difficulty in putting sustainable principles in place within inner-city apartment blocks. Fortunately local councils and switched-on strata managers in Sydney are now making it easier than ever to reduce our collective environmental footprint.


Mosman Council recently announced an initiative called Green the Block, aimed at helping its Sydney strata and apartment residents to improve their sustainability. You can now contact their Council Waste Line on (02) 9978 4076 to request extra green waste organic collection bins for your apartment, and to report any illegal dumping of rubbish in the area. Mosman Council is also now part of the Compost Revolution, so you can get a 25% discount on worm farms, compost bins and bokashi bins as well as access to tutorials to help cut down on your household waste. More generally, there are a number of changes you can make to improve your Sydney strata’s green credentials.


Sustainable changes across all facilities

Saving on energy costs not only makes environmental sense, it also makes sound financial sense too. Cut out inefficiencies with some simple measures, and you could collectively be saving thousands over a year. This might include upgrading air conditioning systems to those with high star ratings, covering swimming pools over winter to reduce evaporation and investing in solar systems for long-term savings. Your owners corporation meetings are the ideal place to bring up sustainability measures, as many of these changes will require a majority vote to be implemented.

Take some easy green steps as residents

Some of the easiest steps to improve your strata’s sustainability can be made in your own unit without body corporate approval, and their collective effect can be significant. These energy efficient measures might include:

  • Installing energy efficient light bulbs.
  • Fixing leaky taps.
  • Set your air conditioner’s cooling temperature of 25°C or above, and a heating temperature of 18° or below.
  • Making the most of passive solar energy by opening and closing your blinds according to the season.


Looking for more information on sustainability for your strata? Visit the Green Strata and Smart Blocks websites for helpful tips on greening up your own unit and the common areas in the property. If you’re looking for quality strata managers in Sydney’s Mosman area who understand your sustainability goals, contact the team at Jamesons on 02 8969 3300 today.







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