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Proxy forms for a range of meetings and scheme types are available to download from the Jamesons Document Bank.

For informatin on how to fill out your proxy form, please see the below:

The following are fields on your proxy form that are mandatory and must be filled correctly for the proxy to be valid:

  1. “Date”: Refers to the date you fill in the proxy
  2. I/We”: The name of the owner(s) of the Lot as listed in the Strata Roll.
  3. “The owners of lot”: The Lot number of which you are the owner.
  4. “In the Strata Plan No”: The strata plan number for the property you own in.
  5. “appoint”: The name of the person who is to act as a proxy.
  6. “of”: The proxy holders address or business name.
  7. “Period”: Place a cross in the appropriate box to determine the period of time the proxy is to have effect.
  8. Select either option 1 or option 2:
    (a) If you select option one, it authorises the proxy holder to vote on your behalf on all motions on the Agenda.
    (b) If you select option 2, you restrict the proxy holder to vote only on the motions as listed on the proxy form. You may also place limitations on the proxy holder and specify how you would like them to vote.
  9. If option 3 is not to be voted on it may be deleted. If option 3 is to be voted on, complete the blank section as follows: The Strata Managing Agent remain in office, or, the Strata Managing Agent be terminated and/or a new Strata Managing agent be appointed.
  10. First signature line is to be signed by all parties as per part two.
  11. Second signature line is to be signed by the proxy holder.


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