How to Establish Good Strata Relationships from the Start


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So you’re joining a Sydney strata for the first time and you’re about to move in. In our experience, creating respect between yourself, your neighbours and other parties will maximise your enjoyment of common spaces as well as your own unit. Start on the right foot, with our advice for building good relationships from the very beginning.

Introduce yourself

All too often new residents will move in and go months without introducing themselves to their new neighbours. Following this, next-door noise or smoking can very quickly be seen as an irritation caused by an anonymous person rather than an honest mistake by a friendly neighbour. By building a rapport with those around you there will be less tension in the air and better resolution of any issues.

Air grievances in the right environment

If a neighbour is creating a hazard or disturbance to other residents due to smoke drift, loud pets, early-morning partying or inconsiderate parking, they might be oblivious to the inconvenience they’re causing others. We would always suggest having a quiet word to them individually before you bring the issue to a strata meeting to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment or misinterpretations.

Address any issues before they escalate

In the case that a concern doesn’t clear up easily between tenants, owners and/or tradesmen, it’s important to follow the right procedure to handle any complaints. Following a direct attempt to solve the problem, your strata managers in Sydney should be able to provide services to help address any strata disputes through clear communication and possibly mediation or adjudication.

Responsive Strata Management Services for Hassle-Free Living!

Attend your strata meetings

Attending your strata meetings has a range of benefits. Not only will you be able to have your say on issues that are important to your lifestyle, but you’ll also demonstrate that you’re engaged with the community you live in and are interested in future developments.

Find the right strata management

Nothing sours relationships quite as fast as having a strata manager that doesn’t answer your calls or emails. It’s critical that your Sydney strata engages a provider of professional and accessible body corporate management services, as we’re here to make your strata space – and relationships – work smoothly.

If you are feeling underwhelmed by your current body corporate management services, changing strata managers in Sydney can be a surprisingly straightforward process. It’s worth talking to your potential new management team first, as we’ll listen to what you’re looking for and provide a quote to take to your next General Meeting. With approval, we’ll be able to handle all documentation and paperwork from your old management. Keen to get started? Call us on 02 8969 3300 today.

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