How do the New Laws Affect Parking in Strata?

6 April 2017

In our video series Michael Vumbaca, General Manager at Jamesons Strata discusses how the new laws affect parking in strata.

Parking in a strata has been a significant issue in for several years. People often complain to us as their  strata manager, that people are parking in the visitor parking spaces or they’ve dumped their cars on common property and have not come to collect them.

From this feedback, one of the new laws that have come into place with the legislation is that an owners corporation can strike an agreement with council whereby they can invite council onto the property and issue infringement notices like they would while your car is parked on the street. This is a very good way of dealing with people who continue to park in visitor parking spaces without any repercussions being applied to them.


How to apply this

If your owner’s corporation is interested in applying this type of by-law, they need to first strike up an agreement with council and then have a special bylaw registered at a general meeting. That by-law will determine the conditions around the council coming onto the property, such as what times the parking is monitored and the quantum of the fines. Once this is in place, council can come onto private property and issue fines for your strata to do with visitor parking bandits.

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