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It’s a commonly asked question for owners within strata committees; how often are strata meetings held? Here’s a rundown on the required and potential meetings that will help to determine important matters for your strata scheme.

Annual General Meetings

The Annual General Meeting must be held once a year to gather the owners corporation. At this meeting owners must collectively vote on many of the vital decisions for your strata scheme, including electing the strata committee, setting levies for the year, addressing insurance and any building defects that need attention.

General Meetings

General Meetings other than the AGM can be called at any time throughout the year, either by the secretary of the strata committee or by owners that collectively hold at least a quarter of the unit entitlements in the strata scheme. These meetings may be used to decide on everyday matters relating to the property and any special matters that need consideration, such as major works or changes to by-laws. Each person on the strata roll should receive at least 7 days’ notice prior to this meeting.

What about strata committee meetings?

The strata committee is a smaller group of owners or owners’ nominees who may be approved to handle a number of matters on behalf of the owners corporation. The strata committee can hold meetings when and as they like throughout the year, as convened by the Secretary or when requested by at least one third of the strata committee.

What happens if I can’t make the AGM or a General Meeting?

Everyone on your strata roll should be given notice of a meeting at least 7 days before it occurs. If you can’t attend the meeting in person, you can either appoint a proxy to vote on matters on your behalf or you may be able to attend or vote via electronic means (if this has been approved within your strata scheme). This may include the use of email, phone or video-teleconferencing. Whether you attend the meeting or not, you should receive a copy of the meeting’s detailed minutes to review what was discussed and voted on.

If you have further questions about strata meetings in general or would like to know more about your specific strata scheme, speak with your strata manager at Jamesons Strata Management.

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