Outlining the Latest Legislation Updates for NSW Strata Schemes

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It’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest NSW strata community management legislation, as this can affect everything from day-to-day strata rules to the quality of a scheme’s strata management. As well as the major strata law reforms of 2018, there have been several recent updates that could affect you as a strata owner in 2021 and beyond. We’ve rounded up the key changes below.

Requirements lowered for solar panel approval

If you’re keen to have renewable energy measures installed for your strata scheme’s common property, then we’re pleased to let you know that the NSW Government recently changed legislation so this is easier to put in place. Where a minimum 75% resolution was previously required to approve the installation of solar panels, battery storage and EV charging stations, the new voting threshold is now only 50%.

Delayed regulatory framework for short-term rental accommodation

The new regulatory framework for short-term rental accommodation was due to become effective in July 2021, however this has now been delayed to 1 November 2021. The new framework is set to provide a new planning framework, fire safety standards and a government register for short-term rental accommodation. Until this new framework kicks in, regulatory responsibilities will remain with local councils.

Reforms to improve the safety and quality of strata properties

There’s some good news for anyone who might be buying into off-the-plan strata properties in the near future. The NSW Government brought the Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020 into effect on 1 July 2021, which outlines requirements for the designs and building of new apartments. With specific obligations for developers, this is a positive step towards improving the safety and quality of multi-storey properties across NSW.

Updates for community scheme law

Anyone living in a community scheme might be interested to hear that NSW’s Parliament has approved the new community title legislation to better align with the 2015 Strata Schemes Management Act and strata management legislation reforms. The new Community Land Management Act 2021 and the Community Land Development Act 2021 will introduce more flexibility for owners, greater incentive for managing agents to provide a quality service and a clearer framework for disputes within community schemes.

To stay ahead with all new legislation for strata management and strata living, stay tuned to Jamesons’ Facebook page and blog. We’re passionate about keeping up-to-date when it comes to compliance for your strata scheme. You can read more about our strata services, or speak with us today about changing to one of our dedicated strata managers.

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