I want to install an air conditioner in my unit. What is the correct procedure?

21 October 2013

The first course of action is to inform the Owners Corporation in writing. This should be directed through your Strata Manager and should include as much information as possible, i.e. plans, model, position, installer details, photographs, etc.

Upon receipt of your request your Strata Manager can inform you if your building has a standard By-Law in place regarding air conditioners already and what the procedure is for that particular building.

If there is no By-Law in place, you will need to obtain one through a solicitor at your expense and have a meeting of the Owners Corporation called to vote on the matter.

Once the meeting has resolved that your instillation has been approved, the By-Law is then registered with the Land Titles Office. Once the By-Law has been registered your instillation can proceed.