Deadline extended AGAIN for swimming pool compliance legislation


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The state government has been forced to extend the deadline of the new legislation that stops people selling homes with pools without their safety fences to April 29, 2016.

The reason is apparently due to a lack of planning and resource allocation by the State Government – i.e. having enough inspectors on the ground to get pools certified. This drastic shortage means there are fears that it will stop people legally selling or renting their homes, and as a result will damage the real estate market. There is also potential legal nightmare if people start sueing for damanges and/or loss if their properties aren’t selling after pool certificates have been witheld.
Local councils are able to undertake inspections however their resources are “grossly inadequate” (Tim McKibbon – CEO of Real Estate Institute of NSW) and their fees are capped, providing little incentive to carry out the inspections themselves.  Lastly, the government has made sure only a select group of professionals are allowed to get inspection licenses which also makes it very difficult to train enough people to carry out these inspections.

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Even with the deadline extension, it is still highly recommended that all owners of properties with a swimming pool or spa should apply for a Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance now to avoid missing the deadline again next year.  Jamesons has been proactively engaging with accredited pool certifiers for the last 18 months to ensure all of our clients were ready for the now lapsed 2015 deadline.  Bear in mind it is often not simple to get a pool registered – there are a lot of grey areas that are yet to be uncovered, so act now to avoid being penalised in 2016 if your pool is not registered.

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