The Value of Using a Local Strata Manager


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Choosing a strata manager with local expertise guarantees they’ll be trained and experienced to handle all your unique requirements and issues that are relevant to you. Here are just some of the benefits of using a truly local strata manager.

  1. They know your local Council regulations

    Every Council has slightly different regulations when it comes to issues like by-laws, levies, noise restrictions, boundaries, strata parking and so on. For example, time restrictions for noise in the Sutherland Shire could be different to time restrictions on the North Shore. A strata manager that deals specifically in your area will have a thorough understanding of your local regulations and ensure that your building meets the requirements of local legislation.

  2. They understand your local area

    No two neighbourhoods are exactly the same, and chances are the area you live in has its own unique features (such as heritage-listed housing or nature areas) that require special treatment. When you need to know what laws and rules apply to these features, a local strata manager will be able to give you specific guidance.

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  3. They have the right licences

    Requirements for strata management differ from state to state, and it’s imperative to choose a local strata manager with the appropriate qualifications and licences. For example, in New South Wales and Sydney, a Certificate of Registration and Certificate IV in Property Services is required to be a strata manager. A fully qualified, locally licensed strata manager will have undergone years of training in areas like trust accounting and risk analysis. Using a locally licensed strata manager ensures a high level of service from someone who understands your market and specific needs.

  4. They can help you save money

    An experienced local strata manager will often be able to identify issues before they arise, helping you avoid unnecessary fees or fines for not adhering to local rules and regulations. This can equal significant cost-savings in the long run – something the vast majority of property owners appreciate!

  5. They know your community

    Expertise aside, a strata manager who works (and even lives) in your area will have a vested interest in helping build and maintain a flourishing local community. They will also have contacts in the community – such as local cleaners and tradespeople – who can maintain your building. If any issues arise that require immediate attention, a locally based strata manager will be able to attend to them much more swiftly than a manager based in a completely different area of the city.

If you’re searching for a reputable local strata management company to take care of your building, do some research to weigh up your options in the area. Before making a decision, ask for proposals from trusted strata managers that are based close to your building so you can compare services offered. Experience, licences, qualifications, communication skills and price are all important, so take your time in making a decision!

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