Ways to Green Your Strata Building

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Green living can provide each resident, whether living in a house in the north shore, eastern suburbs or in any strata in Sydney, with reduced energy costs and a chance to help the environment.

Many house owners are already implementing green initiatives and some strata communities have also followed suit.

If you’re part of a strata that likes the idea of green living, here are a few different things to get you started.


One of the easiest way to lessen your carbon footprint is to control your lighting usage. This will allow you to reap the financial and environmental rewards of using green methods.

Consider doing a retrofit and using LED lighting instead of halogen and incandescent lights.

New Technology

Also ensure that you use the right type of lighting solution for each area of your building or unit, and the specific task it is needed for. Making switching off easy by utilising motion sensors and timers would also be helpful.


Automated controls are also useful for equipment that requires electricity like air-conditioners and other shard facilities in a strata property. Using energy efficient ones will help ensure lesser energy consumption.

Water System

Using rainwater or wastewater for watering gardens and general usage will help you conserve water. Once the strata title management or body corporate implement this in your strata, it will not only lessen your water consumption and reduce your water bills, it will also help prevent possible water shortages in the community you are part of.

Aside from recycling water, look into implementing water-efficient methods and practices regarding your strata’s pool maintenance, like collecting and treating backwash water for reuse, and using pool covers to prevent water loss.

These are the major areas in your strata that you can start with to make it a green one. Remember that you first need to discuss these with your body corporate management, and any measure to be applied in the strata would need to be agreed on by the Owners Corporation.

As soon as the strata has agreed to implement these changes, they can then make the necessary measures and start reaping the benefits (environmental and financial) of having a green strata.

Water, lighting and electricity are just three of the many great opportunities that strata title communities have to green their buildings. Other great initiatives include reusable carpet squares and veggie gardens just to name a few. Contact your Strata managing agent today to discuss the possibility of greening your strata community for the benefit of all its stakeholders.

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