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Recently we commissioned an independent research study to find out a little bit more about how people in NSW rate the service of their respective strata companies and strata managers? The results are in and we are thrilled to be able to share them with you…

We are now delighted to state that we have:

The most satisfied strata customers in NSW* and that we are;

The most responsive strata managers in NSW*

The omnibus survey was carried out through Good Egg Thinking, an independent market research company. We asked them to find out what strata customers in NSW thought of the company they currently employ and the strata manager they engage with.

What was most interesting was that whether a Jamesons customer or not, the three most important attributes of strata service are;

1. Trustworthiness
2. Responsiveness
3. Quality of service

These key characteristics are very highly regarded here at Jamesons and something all of our team members strive for each and every day. Notice that price does not get a mention in the top 3?

Testament to this was the finding that Jamesons clients are on average significantly more satisfied with their current strata manager than non-Jamesons clients. When asked why, there was a clear pattern in the respondent’s answers covering areas such as;

• Being quick to respond
• Being proactive and
• Offering expert advice

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Some of the respondents went so far as to say;

• “In seven years we have never had a problem that was not addressed promptly”,
• “Speedy, efficient service – excellent advice when required and the ability to select (the) best workmen for any job” and
• “The current strata manager has been active for over 15 years. The trust built up over that time is worth more than money”.

As the operator of the business and as someone that has been in the industry for over 40 years I am certain that both of our claims are down to the passionate, dedicated and hard-working team at Jamesons and the extremely positive relationships we have developed with our (many) longstanding, considerate and co-operative clients. We love what we do and I think that was evident in the findings.

Moving forward, we have no doubt that there is always room for improvement. Discovering that trustworthiness, responsiveness and quality of service are the most important attributes of a good strata manager; we’ve made some slight internal procedural changes with the goal of being able to decrease our response time further and to provide even more consistent and quality advice.

Thank-you to all those clients who have provided feedback during your time with Jamesons, and to those of you who completed the survey. This insight is paramount in our ability to continually improve our level of service.

George Vumbaca
Managing Director

*All claims are NSW-based and have been verified by Good Egg Thinking, an independent market research company.

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