Why Great Strata Management is Customised Strata Management

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If you lifted the roof on your strata property and peered inside, you’d see that the property and the lives of its residents are completely unique. It’s for this reason that strata management in NSW should never be a one-size-fits-all practice. The age, size, layout and management needs of every strata scheme will differ from the next – and as such the solutions for that strata scheme should too!

A strata management provider can handle the important day-to-day affairs of a strata scheme, including financial record and planning, strata meetings, common property maintenance and compliance matters in relation to NSW strata legislation. Each of these elements can have a real impact on residents’ quality of life within that strata scheme, whether they’re an owner or a tenant.

What does generic strata management look like?

You’ll probably know if your strata manager is providing you with generic, one-size-fits-all service.

If you receive generic copy-and-pasted responses to your enquiries or maintenance requests, this is a key sign your strata manager isn’t providing custom strata management. Any decent strata manager will take the time to understand the unique property and explain legislation or processes as they relate specifically to the matter at hand.

It’s also important that strata services are matched appropriately. Here’s just one example: let’s say your communal gardens feature special plant species, vertical gardens or water plants that require certain gardening knowledge. If your strata manager engages the same default gardener for all properties without considering these unique needs, this could lead to greater costs later on to replace dying plants – and a strata property that looks run-down or neglected!

And if you feel like you speak with a different strata manager each time, this can be a sign that your strata management provider isn’t focused on the specific needs of your strata scheme. This becomes particularly important when it comes to legal or financial advice and compliance matters.

How to recognise personalised strata management

Effective custom strata management may actually not be that noticeable, because everything is running smoothly as it should be! However, there are a few signs of personalised strata management:

  • Contact with the same strata manager, or the same small team, who knows your building and residents well
  • Common property maintenance that’s attended to and planned for in a timely way
  • Services that are appropriately matched to your strata property
  • Tailored advice, timely responses and clear explanations.

If your strata scheme is being treated as just another in the crowd, we’d love the opportunity to show you the benefits of having a dedicated strata manager and attention on your unique strata scheme’s needs. Read through some of our custom strata management reviews, explore our services, and contact us if you’re interested in making the change.

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