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CD Strata rebranded to Jamesons Wollongong in 2024.


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Jamesons’ mission is to create happier communities by providing exceptional service locally day in day out. We pride ourselves on our reliability and strong relationships in the local community, providing professional strata management services in the Wollongong and Illawarra region. We help our clients to save time, money and drive towards building happier communities.

Jamesons Wollongong branch was established in 2024 with the rebrand of CD Strata to Jamesons. This will also assist to meet the growing demand of our strata management services in the area. We are proud to offer services to all kinds of Strata’s including

  • Residential
  • Commercial, Mixed Use & Industrial
  • Retirement Villages

This new branch services all types of strata properties including large and small sites, commercial, residential, mixed use and retirement homes in a wide range of locations such as Wollongong, North Wollongong, Fairy Meadow, Corrimal, Figtree, Bulli, Thirroul, Unanderra, John Xi, Kembla Grange, Windang, Warilla, Shellhabour, Albion Park, Kiama, Gerringong, Gerrora, Nowra, Berry, Bombaderry and beyond. 

Our Services

Effective management

Nothing excites us more than knowing our clients are spending more time doing what they love with those they love while we take care of all their strata matters. If we can gift you back more time, money and create happier homes, then we know we are doing our job. Our team of qualified and experienced staff are committed to supporting clients through both day-to-day management and long-term strategy. We love strata so you don’t have .

Compliance – financial, safety, and legal

Compliance is a complex area yet integral to ensuring your safety and protection from legal and financial repercussions. Jamesons process is built upon our in-depth understanding of relevant legislation ensure maximum returns and minimise risk. We take initiative, we act before issues arise adding value every step of the way from financial reporting, new legislations to fire safety and WHS requirements.

Maintenance administration

Budgeting, scheduling and engaging maintenance and repairs across all common property can be a full time job in itself. However, a well-managed maintenance plan is paramount for the safety of occupants and the protection of your investment. We work with vetted trades to ensure your building is not only safe, but also an enjoyable place to live in.

Property administration

Harmony is built upon open communication. If coordinating between several owner-occupiers wasn’t enough of a challenge, investment and rental properties are often part of the mix too. In order to ensure that everyone is kept on the same page, we consistently liaise with tenants, property managers and real estate agencies, whether it’s organising a WHS audit or ensuring swimming pools and lifts meet compliance, our team is always willing to provide expert advice and a helping hand.

Insurance claims and renewals

Without proper guidance, your Owners Corporation ’s insurance claims and mandatory insurance renewals can quickly pile up into a daunting stack of documents not to mention unforeseen costs. Our compliance team is here to help at every step of the way. Jamesons can also review and ensure that you have the best suitable insurance for your building based on its requirements.


Regular meetings provide the community platform to openly voice concerns, address issues and discuss opportunities. Our role as Strata Manager is to ensure that you make the most out of your meeting time by minimising disputes and facilitating empowering decision making. Better communication, better community.

Contract management

Contract management has a tendency to be extremely complex with lots of small details and jargon which makes filing, negotiating and updating contracts not only time consuming but very technical. Of course it plays a vital role in day-to-day property management, which is why our Strata managers can handle contracts on your behalf to protect your interests.

Financial and taxation management

Keeping financial accounts isn’t just a legal requirement – it can also mean the difference between harmony in the building and Owners Corporation bankruptcy. To ensure that financial accounts are accurate, Jamesons stays on top of record keeping, collecting levies and preparing financial statements.

Frequently Asked Questions

We love strata! It’s all we have ever known! However, we believe that the current model is fundamentally broken. This is why we are on a mission to change strata management via technology, investment in people and carefully selected partnerships. We know it won’t happen overnight but we also know we have what it takes, talented people and an ability to re-imagine the world.

Since our inception 60 years ago we always believed the fundamentals are to do the right thing by our customers, our people and our partners. Trust is built through excellence.

We believe that we can contribute to a future where every single one of our customers are Happier at Home.

Nothing excites us more than knowing our clients are spending more time doing what they love with those they love while we take care of all their strata matters. 

If we can gift you back more time, money and create happier homes, then we know we are doing our job.

Simply click here and you’ll be redirected to our free quote page. When looking for a new strata manager, you should choose someone who has had extensive experience working in similar strata schemes, specifically in terms of size, facilities, and building type (i.e. residential, commercial, or mixed-use).

You can call our office on 02 8969 3300 and ask for Allon or Jason who would be happy to talk you through our services!

Wondering how to change strata management companies but feeling discouraged by the prospect of reorganising the way your building operates? You may be surprised to learn that changing strata managers is easy when you follow the proper steps we have laid out here.

Jamesons has strategically partnered with several like-minded service providers who share our customer service ethos and dedication to quality work & exceptional service.

Our partners come with a strong strata background and an ability to use My Portal – Powered by SMATA efficiently, which ensures you have complete visibility over the day-to-day management of your building. All to save you time and money.

Each partner works closely with our internal specialised team and is contracted to meet our strict Service Level Agreement to exceed your expectations.

We know if we get this right we are on our way to achieving our mission to leave your building in a better place and ultimately to make all owners happier at home.

You can learn all about our partners here.

The owners portal is designed for you to manage and view all aspects of your building in one place. We believe this is the way strata management was meant to be: fast, easy, and efficient. 

You receive your own dedicated building page online via our industry-leading strata management portal. In our portal, committee members can approve work orders, and invoices, and all owners can access their building documents 24/7 and raise maintenance requests. Watch our video about My Portal below.

You will also have access to an assortment of hand-selected partners managed through our repairs team which ensures impeccable quality and timely maintenance work.

It is worth noting that in 2022, SMATA (the technology that powers our Portal) received the award of Winner for Excellence in Innovation at the Strata Community Australia Awards!

You can access the portal but clicking the “My Portal” button on our website here

The online owners portal is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Simply log in, and your building will 

Visit our Owner and Committee Members Training Portal here.

For any issues with logging in we’d be delighted to assist you via our support lines at myportalsupport@jamesons.com.au or 02 8089 3412.

For Jamesons customers, click here to download a copy of the pet application form. Once complete, please send your pet application to your Strata Manager’s email or info@jamesons.com.au with your Strata Plan number and/or your address.

You can contact your strata manager via both phone and email. Not sure what there email or number is? You can click here to find your manager’s details. Alternatively please give our friendly receptionists a call on 02 8969 3300 and they’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Why Jamesons

Jamesons is a strata management company that has been operating in New South Wales for over 60 years. We believe in doing the right thing by our customers, our people, and our partners. We build trust through excellence, and we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service.

Businesses trust Jamesons with property management, financial management, legal compliance, asset management, and meetings and resolutions. Partner with us today and we’ll help you take your business to greater heights.


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