Jamesons migration to Macquarie

Why did Jamesons change their trust account relationship to Macquarie Bank?

Does Macquarie look after other major Strata companies in NSW?

Have there ever been issues where Macquarie has lost an owner’s or strata plan’s funds?

What does this transition mean for me when I want to pay my levies?

Will this change incur any additional costs for me personally or the strata scheme?

What options do I have to make payments that I didn’t have before?

Now that I can pay via credit card, what are the additional charges to do so, if any?

What happens to my current BPay biller code when you come on board?

Does Jamesons benefit financially in any way from changing to Macquarie Bank?

Is it easy to contact Macquarie If I have any issues with paying levies or other items?