One of the most common issues that we are faced with in strata schemes is resolving disputes between owners, tenants, tradesman and all other parties involved in strata schemes.

There are many types of conflict ranging from disputes over noise, smoking, setting levies, raising special levies, agreeing on works to be done, approving renovations and accepting quotes.

Here at Jamesons all of our strata managers have years of experience in dispute resolution. It is important to remember that there are some disputes that the strata scheme can’t involve itself in because it doesn’t affect them. A common example of this is dealing with noise complaints. Noise, and what is considered to be an acceptable level of noise is often a subjective thing meaning that often if an owner has an issue with another owners level of noise it will be up to the two parties to resolve the matter privately.

We are here to give guidance and advice on what process to follow for each situation including the need to attend the Office of Fair Trading for mediation or adjudication. Part of our job is often attending mediation with our clients to assist in resolving disputes, although the aim is to avoid the need to attend mediation if possible.

Dispute resolution is an integral part of the strata managers’ role so it is important to make sure that your strata manager has the skills to assist you in this integral area when required.