Residential Strata Case Studies

Homebush 1,196 Lots   |   Managed since 2020

Centenary Estate is the largest strata plan in the Southern Hemisphere and we have been the proud managing agents since 2020. As soon as we took over the management we undertook a number of proactive initiatives to assist the owners corporation:
As part of the current strata committee member of one of the biggest strata plans in NSW, I can say first hand, the Jamesons team are doing a tremendous job. It would not be easy to manage the expectations of more than 4,000 people and still Jamesons have performed exceptionally well while coordinating with trades and security amongst other important tasks. The team show genuine interest in our building and provide support and empathy towards our residents.
— Sudhir Yadav

Yamba 45 Lots

The building in question had been plagued by a lack of effective communication and organisation under the previous management. This deficiency led to internal tension among residents and committee members, as well as inefficiencies in handling various aspects of property management, such as timely payment of invoices and addressing legal requirements regarding by-laws.

Communication Breakdowns: Previous management failed to establish clear channels of communication, leading to misunderstandings, missed deadlines, and unresolved issues.
Organisational Disarray: Lack of organization resulted in delayed payments, incomplete records, and a general sense of disarray within the management processes.
Legal Compliance: The absence of proactive advice on legal matters, including by-laws and regulatory changes, left the building vulnerable to potential legal issues and compliance lapses.
Upon assuming management responsibilities, the new strata management team recognized the critical need for immediate intervention to address these challenges. They implemented several key strategies:
The new management established clear and transparent communication channels, including regular updates through newsletters, emails, and community notice boards. They also organized periodic meetings to address resident concerns and provide updates on management activities.
Robust organizational systems were implemented to streamline processes such as invoice management, maintenance requests, and documentation. Digital platforms were introduced to facilitate easier access to information and ensure timely responses to queries.
A dedicated focus was placed on ensuring prompt payment of invoices to suppliers and service providers. This involved implementing efficient billing and payment systems, as well as closely monitoring financial records to prevent delays.
The management team engaged legal experts to provide proactive advice on by-laws and regulatory requirements. They conducted regular reviews of existing by-laws and proposed necessary amendments to ensure compliance with current legislation.
Through strategic interventions focused on communication, organization, and legal compliance, the new strata management team successfully transformed the management experience for residents and committee members. By addressing the shortcomings of the previous management and implementing effective solutions, they not only improved operational efficiency but also fostered a more cohesive and harmonious community environment.

Important Feautres:

The building is new and within the building defect bonds scheme and defect limitation warranty period. It comes with a lift, two basement levels, and common property rooftop space. We also assisted the owners corporation in completing the building defect bonds scheme with all building defect works now signed off and completed.
We have also assisted the owners corporation in raising funding for works and overturning a defecit in funding of which they came over to Jamesons with. They now have accurate budgeting and both admin and capital funds are in a surplus.
We are now working with the committee on cost minimisation and negotiation of contract prices for utilities, cleaning and waste management.

Randwick 432 Lots   |   Managed since 2014

We have been lucky enough to assist the committee of Coryule Gardens since 2014. Over the years we have worked across a number of large scale projects and initiatives including: