Job Description
Strata Manager

As a Strata Manager role involves ensuring the legislative, financial, legal, risk, insurance, compliance, maintenance, and project aspects of a scheme. The role also has responsibility for assisting residents within the building with any disputes or concerns they may have.

The following persons will report directly to this person:

  • Strata Assists


Establish a clear vision: articulate a compelling vision and mission that guides your team.

Lead by Example: Exemplify the values and work ethic that you expect from your team.

As a team member, our emphasis is on embodying the core values of CNG:

Better Everyday
We have each other’s back
Nothing is bigger than the little things.
We keep our word.

Essential Job Functions


  • Liaise with committees to book meetings and prepare agendas well in advance of meeting dates.
  • Review financials and understand what all items related to.
  • Pre-empt questions from owners and have answers ready.
  • Prepare for meetings, attend meetings, prepare and issue minutes of meeting before the customer preagreed timeframes.
  • Complete post meeting action items.

Maintenance and Project Work:

  • Arrange quotations for works and send quotes to committee for review and approval.
  • Quotes to be followed up to meet agreed timeframes with committees.
  • Fire orders – facilitate, engage parties, oragnise meetings etc.
  • Major works – facilitate, engage parties, organise meetings etc.
  • Defect Rectification – facilitate, engage parties, organise meetings etc.
  • Renovations – work with parties on renovation applications as required.
  • Liaise will all parties and keep them updated as required.

Finance / Insurance:

  • Code and re-code invoices in a timely manner to coincide with deadlines.
  • Seek sign off and liaise with trades regarding their invoices.
  • Manage queries with the committee including any accounts and levy queries and resolve outstanding matters quickly and efficiently.
  • Review insurance quotes and send on to committee with advice to assist their consideration and decision making.
  • Involvement and resolution in complex insurance claims Strata Advice / By-Laws Liaise with parties about breaches and reach agreement on resolution.
  • Provide strata advice in relation to the SSMA, 2015 and other relevant Acts include Home Building Act 1989, Interpretations Act, 1987 Issue warning letters and issues notices to comply.
  • Mediate outcomes between parties.
  • Providing advice on By-Law issues – pets, smoking, parking etc.
  • NCAT matters (attend mediation.
  • Renovations including providing advice, arranging by-laws, meetings etc.

Compliance / Risk:

  • Involvement in various compliance issues including fire.
  • Facilitate contract execution.
  • Involvement in new developments including ensuring compliance with all warranty periods and providing advice and guidance as required.

General Tasks

  • Arranging access for works in a timely manner.
  • Forwarding on requests for intra office support – i.e.. keys, reimbursements, investments, coc.
  • Seeking legal or other advice and providing guidance to committees.

Education and Experience

  • Class 2 or Class 1 licence

Compensation and Benefits

  • 30% Schedule B Charges of each month

Personnel Attributes

  • Has a balanced approach to their personal & work life.
  • Demonstrates genuine compassion through their actions.
  • Finds a way to deliver a solution.
  • Challenges the status quo.
  • Flexible and practical
  • Confident in their ability in making decisions.
  • Humble
  • Happier At Home

Working Conditions

Working Conditions

Hours of Work 

Overtime Expectations

Work Environment

On-call Responsibilities


38 hours a week

Overtime is expected as required

Branch Office

8:30am – 5:00pm

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