With over 50 years in the industry, award-winning client service and an average client tenure of well over 10 years, we are confident that our expertise and dedication will see you smiling in no time with our simple yet effective service guarantees.

Smart Save Audit

Each new client will receive an in-depth audit that could save them as much as tens of thousands of dollars, year on year. Are you ready to save?

Naked Financials

We have a 100% transparency policy linking realistic budgeting predictions to accurate financial reconciliations to online reporting access 24/7. Our staff of qualified, specialist accountants are always at your disposal.

One Bum Two Legs

Our unique service model gives your plan a single point of contact who knows about all your issues current projects , is ready to support and save you time.

100% Rebates

For over 25 years we have been rebating 100% of the insurance commission back to our clients. The way we see it, it’s their property and therefore their rebate. Last year alone, our clients saved over $450,000!

Forward Thinking

It’s the “beyond the tick in the box” approach that means you’re not just safe with Jamesons, you’re always getting more. In an industry that’s compliance driven it’s our willingness to tick, but not live in the box that sets us apart.