Helping developers to prepare, set up, and manage owners’ corporations.

As a relationship-built business, we partner with other companies that share our obsessive customer service ethos. We seek providers that have a deep understanding of a customer’s needs, wants, and values to protect and enable the value of their property.

Engaging us early in the process means we can add value from the start, helping to promote your development and providing peace of mind to your future clients. We do this by;

  • Providing you a high standard of consultancy by our expert teams.
  • Creating a harmonious environment through the establishment phase of your development and beyond.
  • Providing a dynamic and proactive approach to your project.
  • Ensuring that your development is up to date with all aspects of current market trends.

This ensures a harmonious and swift settlement for your project and maximises your return on your asset.

Our key services.

Adding value to your and your clients every step of the way:

  1. Development Concept and Planning
  2. Sales, Marketing, Tender for Services & Construction
  3. Registration of Strata Scheme and Settlement
  4. First Annual General Meeting (AGM) and incorporation of the Owners Corporation
  5. Ongoing Management to the Owners Corporation

Your clients will get access to the industry’s best technology (co-developed by us) My Portal powered by SMATA, experts at their fingertips, a dedicated strata and relationship manager with a deep understanding of the property and its owners.

With over 60 years experience we have a deep understanding of property clients needs and have proven solutions to ensure we add value every step of the way.

Building happier homes and happier communities is the reason for our existence.