What Changes Have Been Made To The Strata By Laws?

6 April 2017

In our video series Michael Vumbaca, General Manager at Jamesons Strata discusses the changes that have been made to the strata by-laws.

Each strata scheme over the next 12 months will have to review their by-laws and decide on any changes they want to make. That means that in the next 12 months, you will see a motion on your AGM agenda that asks you to review your by-laws and make changes where appropriate.

Some of the key changes in the new model By-Laws include smoking, pets, and visitor parking. These were some of the key issues that annoyed residents in strata’s.

Jamesons first impression of the new by-laws is that it meets a lot of the needs of people in strata in the modern day. We believe that they’re going to be a good thing for the industry and will benefit both owners, tenants, and all stakeholders in the industry for many years to come.

You should discuss planning a review of your schemes By-Laws well in advance of the AGM to get the ball rolling on your review. There are lots of possible changes that can be made.

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