Electric Car Assessments for Sydney Strata Schemes


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Tesla fans, listen up! If your strata scheme is located within the City of Sydney, you could now register for a free assessment and roadmap for installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations on your property.

What does the assessment involve?

The City of Sydney has announced an innovation grant that is available for a limited number of buildings as part of “Sustainable Sydney 2030”, providing the option to have a free assessment carried out at your strata property. As part of the assessment and roadmap you will receive:

  • A capacity charge analysis of the main switchboard at your property
  • A tailored feasibility assessment for the installation of EV recharging
  • Options for solar and energy storage solutions
  • The opportunity to become a demo site for EV recharging in Sydney.

Are electric cars common enough to warrant charging stations?

By 2035-6 as much as 27% of Australia’s new vehicle fleet could be electric with over 2.8 million EVs on the road, according to a recent AEMO report. Prices of EVs continue to drop over time and there’s more interest than ever in sustainable options for transport. Adding EV charging stations can add to the appeal for potential buyers and tenants, particularly in Sydney where drivers are moving short distances that are easily within the typical EV range.

Considering over a quarter of NSW residents now live in strata, it’s worth looking into the availability of these systems as there will be increasing demand for charging ports and parking spots. One day it could potentially even be part of the requirements for a strata property.

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Will strata allow you to modify a parking space for a charging station?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, strata schemes could be more open than ever before to approving charging stations in common parking spaces. A charging station would require a motion to be approved and passed by your owners corporation, depending on where and how the equipment would be installed and how it might affect the property’s energy usage.

Who would be responsible for the upkeep of the charging point?

This is a common question and it depends on many factors, including the space available and the service you choose to use. There are innovative new charging solutions such as the collaboration between JET Charge and Infinite Energy that provide a fully managed, automatic system that incurs no cost at all to the building association.

Where can I find more information?

You can visit the Green Strata website for further information and contact your Jamesons Strata Management team for any questions regarding your specific strata property. We are always available and happy to help.

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