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Strata Hub

“Strata Hub” is a NSW Government initiative created to increase transparency, provide better regulation, and improve engagement for all stakeholders within ‘strata communities’.

“Strata Hub” will operate as an online portal where key information pertaining to all strata schemes will be held. Information uploaded onto the portal will include (amongst other things) key information for each building, such as its;

i) Strata Plan Number; and

ii) Strata Plan address; and

iii) Number of lots; and

iv) Classification i.e. residential, commercial or mixed use; and

v) Contact details for the strata committee, strata managing agent and (if applicable) building manager; and

vi) Date of most recent annual general meeting; and

vii) Cash balance held within the capital works fund (updated annually); and

viii) Due date for annual fire certification; and

ix) Insurance replacement value

Access to “Strata Hub” data is via four “tiers of access”, namely access to;

1. The public; and

2. Those recorded on the strata roll; and

3. Council / NSW Fire Brigade; and

4. NSW Police and other emergency services

It is important to note that contact details for lot owners / strata committee members is not available to the public or NSW Police and other emergency services. Those recorded on the strata roll and local council / NSW Fire Brigade will have access to such details.

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What does it mean for Strata Schemes and you?

The “go live” date for Strata Hub is the 30 June 2022 with the due date for all schemes to upload their information being the 30 September 2022.

The NSW Government is imposing a $3 charge, per lot/per annum.

As an agency, additional time will need to be taken to support your need to comply with the requirements of Strata Hub.

These steps are not covered within our agreed services fee and will therefore be classified as an additional service. Steps we will undertake will include;

i) Seeking consent to upload necessary data onto “Strata Hub”; and

ii) Progressing the uploading of data onto “Strata Hub”

In the coming weeks, our team will reach out to you to progress the above listed steps. 

Further information pertaining to the Strata Hub can be viewed via the following link:

Edit – 15/07/2022: Since our last update the NSW Government has modified who will be able to access the contact information of your elected chairperson and secretary. Previously, such contact details were to be made available to those recorded on the strata roll, local council and the NSW Fire Brigade. Following community feedback, these contact details will now only be available to local council and the NSW Fire Brigade i.e. not to those recorded on the strata roll.

Edit – 02/08/2022: As of the end of July 2022, thousands of meeting agendas have already been distributed as the Owner’s authority needs to be obtained via a formal meeting
resolution. We have planned to progress the balance of meeting agendas prior to the 1 September 2022 (to allow us time to action steps for compliance prior to the NSW Government’s cut off date of 30 September 2022). Those clients who have not yet received a formal meeting notice, inclusive of motion/s relating to Strata Hub, can expect to do so in the coming weeks.

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