How many owners need to be present to declare a quorum at an AGM, EGM & ECM?

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AGM & EGM: A quorum for a general meeting is determined by one quarter or more of the people entitled to vote, being present in person or by proxy. If these numbers result in a number that is less than two people, then the number for the quorum is determined to be 2. (Schedule 2 Cl.12 (3))
Example. If there are 12 Lot owners that are entitled to vote, the meeting will require a minimum of 3 people present either in person or by proxy to declare a quorum.

ECM: The quorum for considering and voting on a motion submitted at a meeting of an executive committee is as follows:

• One if there is only one member of the executive committee.
• If there are 2 or more members on the Executive Committee, a quorum is at least one-half of the members.

Quorums for meetings of the executive committee are to be calculated on the basis of the number of members last determined by the owners corporation to be elected to the executive committee.

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