How to Improve Your Strata Apartment Without Needing Permission

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Minor and major renovations in your apartment or townhouse do require permission from your owners corporation, however anything classed as ‘cosmetic work’ within the NSW Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 can be carried out without prior approval. These are some easy ways to spruce your home up without having to wait for permission.

Patch and paint your walls

One fast and simple way to improve the appearance of your unit is to fill any minor holes and dents in internal walls and add a fresh coat of paint. While you’ll need to approach the owners corporation about door colours and external walls, your internal walls will generally be your domain to do with as you please.

Hang some pictures

Strata owners have long wondered if they need to gain approval just to hang pictures, and the great news is that you can add hooks and nails without first airing the topic at a General Meeting. You might choose to hang large artworks or to create a gallery wall in a hallway or living space to add colour and interest.

Lay some new carpet

If you’d like to change up or add carpeting to your apartment you can feel free to do so. However, you will want to carefully consider if you are altering the flooring underneath as well. Generally speaking, tiles and hard flooring are considered within common property, so check your strata plan if you plan to add an underlay or update tiling.

Install some built-in wardrobes

Few things can transform a bedroom as effectively as some sleek new built-in wardrobes, and the good news is that you won’t need permission from your owners corporation to do so. You can go all out on fancy mirrored doors and organise your clothes to the max without having to gain approval first.

Change up internal window coverings

It’s considered cosmetic work to install or replace curtains and blinds on internal windows. Keep in mind that you may be restricted to certain products, materials or styles for external windows, so ask your strata manager or secretary to check the individual rules if you plan to update all of your window coverings at once.

It’s always wise to check your strata plan and by-laws before you begin so you know exactly what the parameters are. If you are carrying out cosmetic work within your lot, you will also be required to do so in a competent and proper manner and to fix any damage if it is caused to common property. Other than that, you can have fun and enjoy your freshly updated space.

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