How Do I Join My Strata Committee?


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It’s a great thing if you’re keen to get involved in the running of your strata scheme. As part of the owners corporation committee, you are actively involved in representing your owners corporation and making decisions on the important matters that can affect residents. Here’s a rundown of the joining process.

How big is a strata committee, and what are the positions available?

That depends on the size of your strata scheme. In a 2 lot scheme both owners (or their nominee in the case of a corporate owner) must be members. In a large scheme (over 100 lots), the committee must have at least 3 members and up to 9 members. The positions include:

  • The strata secretary, who prepares minutes, gives notices for the owners corporation, updates the strata roll, provides information regarding this strata roll, convenes meetings and answers correspondence that is addressed to the owners corporation.
  • The treasurer, who gives notice of levies, does the banking and accounts for money paid, provides receipts, prepares Section 184 certificates and keeps all financial records for the scheme.
  • The chairperson, who manages the meetings and determines quorums and procedures.

Who is eligible to join the strata committee?

The following people are eligible to be elected to the strata committee:

  • An owner within the strata scheme
  • If an owner is a corporation, then the company nominee of that corporation
  • A person who is not an owner but who is nominated by an owner who is not standing for election.

Co-owners may only be nominated by:

  • An owner other than a co-owner of that lot, or
  • A co-owner of that lot who is not a candidate for the election.

Building managers, property managers and leasing agents are not eligible, and you also won’t be eligible if you aren’t paid up at the time of the meeting.

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How do nominations work?

Nominations need to be made either before or at your Annual General Meeting, and your consent will need to be provided either in person or in writing.

Before the election takes place, you will need to disclose any connections you may have to the developer or building manager, whether these are family, business or financial connections.

How does the voting process work?

Strata committee election takes place at your Annual General Meeting. The owners corporation will determine how many members there will be and make a call for nominations. If there are more nominations than positions, a ballot will be held between the valid vote holders.

You will also need to declare if you have any potential conflicts of interest relating to a matter once elected, and will not be able to take part in any decisions being made on that matter. If a vacancy pops up within the strata committee, then the owners corporation can appoint someone to fill the vacancy until the next AGM.

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