What You Should Know About Broadband And NBN In Your Strata Property

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The Australian National Broadband Network (NBN) is being rolled out, promising to finally get Australia on par with other developed countries when it comes to internet speed. Many are curious what this means for strata schemes – how are strata properties connected to the NBN, what are the alternatives and what alternatives do owners have when it comes to choosing their broadband provider?


How to check if your building is ready for the NBN

Your strata property can be connected to the NBN if it is in one of the designated zones. The NBN website provides a map of its roll-out where you can check if your address already has the service available, is in one of the zones where it is still being built, or if you are located outside of the NBN’s zones and will have to remain with a different provider.

If your area is due to be connected to the NBN soon, either the owners corporation or your strata manager will need to register the building and all interested lot owners on the NBN website here.


What alternatives are there to the NBN?

In certain areas, the NBN is authorised to replace existing networks and service providers. They will have to contact the owners corporation before installing the service however, and the owners corporation has nine days to object to this, providing credible and valid reasons for the objection.

Basically, you will have to switch to the NBN within 18 months of it coming to your area – because at this point, all old phone and broadband network services will be disconnected. If you don’t let the NBN enter into your building on three separate occasions, your property will be listed as ‘frustrated’ and there won’t be any further attempts to connect you to the NBN until you take action, which might cost much more money and time than registering before or during the roll-out and could also lead to frustrated tenants.

However, if your phone or internet is already provided over another fibre network, such as a network provided by your building owner, private enterprise network, health or education network, or a cable network that’s not owned by Telstra or Optus, they should continue operating unless your provider advises otherwise.


What issues could arise with getting NBN access?

Getting NBN installed in your property is free during the roll-out, but, as just mentioned, could become expensive if you don’t take action during this time, so it’s important that you act now. Make sure you know when NBN is being installed in your street and keep track of any developments.


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