When would a Ballot Vote be called and how is it conducted?

21 October 2013

This method of voting is used when the number nominated for the Executive Committee exceeds the number determined at an AGM. The vote is normally cast by one vote per person for their preferred nominations or can be counted by a poll vote if demanded.

The steps to conduct the vote are as follows:

  1. Firstly you would ask if there is any person wishing to stand down from the election as the number standing exceeds the resolved number determined for the Executive Committee.
  2. The Chairperson would then write down the names of the members put forward for election to the Executive Committee.
  3. The Chairperson would then declare the number determined for the Executive Committee.
  4. The ballot paper would then be distributed.
  5. The Chairperson would then request the owners present to write down their preferred nominations from the members standing for election.
  6. It is good practice to elect two scrutineers from the floor who are not nominated to carry out the count while you continue on with the other matters on the agenda.
  7. The ballot vote is deemed invalid if the number of nominated persons recorded on the ballot paper exceeds the number determined.