Who Do You Complain to if Your Strata Manager Isn’t Pulling Their Weight?

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Strata managers are here to make strata living easy and enjoyable, but a strata manager who isn’t performing their job effectively can actively make life more difficult – and you’re still paying them for the experience! So who do you speak to in this case?

How to complain about a strata manager

The first step is to speak directly with your strata manager or their leadership team within the organisation about your concerns. They should take your concerns seriously, and want to work with you to find a solution.

In some cases it may be appropriate to either dismiss your strata manager or change their delegations (that is, what they’re allowed to manage on behalf of your owners corporation).A managing agent can be dismissed or have a delegation changed at a General Meeting of the owners by a majority vote. Written notice must be given to the agent in this case. You can read our clear guide to changing strata managers if you’re intending to appoint a new strata manager.

If there’s an ongoing dispute with your strata manager, the owners corporation can apply to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) to resolve the dispute. The Tribunal can:

  • Require payment of compensation by a party to the agreement
  • Terminate an agreement
  • Change, confirm or declare invalid the terms and conditions of the agreement, and/or
  • Dismiss the application.

You can also lodge a complaint about the service provider with NSW Fair Trading if you have serious concerns about their conduct.

Common reasons for changing strata managers
While this is not an exhaustive list, these issues can be commonsources of frustration for strata owners and can often lead to a change in strata management:

  • Your strata scheme is paying unreasonably high amounts for strata insurance or utilities
  • Your questions and requests are being ignored
  • Your strata scheme is being treated as one of many
  • You’re speaking with a different strata manager every time you call or email
  • The common strata property seems run-down and neglected
  • Your Annual General Meetings are poorly planned, or don’t happen at all
  • There are significant levies in arrears
  • Your financial or compliance records seem ‘off’ or incomplete.

We would hope that in all cases, if you complain about a strata manager then the provider would be eager to rectify the issue and regain your trust. If that doesn’t happen, we’d suggest moving to a more proactive and passionate strata manager who can provide the services and support you deserve. Contact the Jamesons team today to start the change.

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